Monday, 19 October 2015

Why Acquire Carpet Cleaning Services Before Leaving Your Leased Flat?

Most lettings in the UK are organised through a letting agent. In your lease contract there'll be a clause about cleaning the property when you vacate it. Leases vary, but some can be specific about cleaning, with requirements such as professional carpet cleaning and oven cleaning.

Letting companies and sometimes private landlords use the services of inventory clerks, and it’s their job to check the property is handed over to you at the beginning in a fit state. The condition of fixtures and fittings, including carpets, will be listed on the inventory. As the tenancy ends, you'll be expected to hand the property back in the same condition you saw it when you first moved in. Otherwise, your deposit could be at risk.

Your Responsibilities before Leaving

In the average lease, your specific responsibilities will be to remove all personal items from the property; thoroughly clean the property, paying particular attention to kitchens, bathrooms, cupboards, the grill/oven; ensure the decorative state (walls, ceilings) is as good as when you moved in; and have the carpets professionally cleaned.

Repercussions of Poor Cleaning

Issues arising when you vacate a property come from poor cleaning, damage, or unreasonable wear and tear. Perhaps the children have drawn on the walls, or someone spilled red wine on the cream carpet. You can become blind to these imperfections if you've lived with them for a period of time. If problems are spotted when you've vacated the property at the handover, it's almost too late. This is the point at which your deposit could be at risk, as professionals will be required to tackle problems.

Carpet cleaning professionals have a professional eye for detail when it comes to helping you get through a particularly tricky patch on your lease - professional cleaning of the carpets! If your lease requires a professional carpet clean, or even just 'clean carpets', their expert service can meet every need.

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