Thursday, 1 October 2015

Not on the Carpet, Spot! - Cleaning the carpet after a doggy or puppy accident

Dogs are truly the best companions one can ever have. Unfortunately, every owner, at some point, has to deal with the inevitable: having to clean after dog poop. Doggy “accidents” may be due to age, diet, illness or the mere lack of behavioural training. Clean-up is a breeze if the stool is on a tile, wood or laminate flooring but it takes extra caution if your pooch uses your carpet as bathroom.

According to, one gram of dog stool can have 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, known to cause intestinal disorders, cramps and kidney damage in humans. Additionally, dog poop can contain roundworm larvae that can migrate through the body and harm vital body parts, such as the eyes, brain, kidneys, lungs and heart. Thus, when scooping up and wiping traces of dog poop off your carpet, no matter how swift the clean-up may seem, never skip on the rubber gloves.

Good quality enzymatic and spot cleaners will help remove the remaining traces of your doggy’s poop without causing damage to your carpet. If you can’t get rid of that stain, though, or if the odour persists even days later, it would be best to call a professional. Dogs love the enzyme their poop contains and tend to return to the spot they have marked to do the deed over and over again if the odour is not thoroughly removed. Carpet cleaning professionals, from companies like Safe Clean, have the expertise and equipment needed to eliminate stubborn stains and odours from dog poops.

To avoid future “accidents” on your carpet, take your dog out on a walk as frequently as possible, especially after eating and during playtime. Give your dog a spot in your bathroom for his/her pooping routine. Lastly, consider enrolling your dog in behavioural training classes.

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